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The Ron Says!
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Whose Playboys Are They??

Many many years ago, my buddy Shaun had a decent collection of Playboys. Being teenage dudes we would all glance through them when the parental units weren't around. One time however his stepmom was looking through hos closet for stuff to throw out or donate and she happened upon the box that they were in. She yells downstairs "Shaun get up here..NOW"!! Shaun gets up the stairs and is confronted with the Playboys. His step mom asked very sternly...."What are these doing in here??"..Shaun thinking fast says those aren't mine...they belong to Joe!! Has luck would have it..the doorbell rings and low and behold it's Joe!! Shaun opens the door and has the look of "im in trouble" on his face. His mom comes behind and throws the box of Playboys in front of Joe and yells..."Here take your Playboys with you"!!!! and slams the door.

Now Im at home probably watching Tv or something when my doorbell rings. I open it and Joe is standing there with a box and exclaims..."Shaun's mom gave me all these Playboys"!!! I looked at him "What the fuck?" Alrighty then!!!! Being 15 or 16 years old young men who had just been given a gold mine by our friend's mom..of course the phone rang and it was Shaun saying he wanted his Playboys back!! Me- What Playboys?? They are Joes!!!!