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The Ron Says!
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Kellie and I,

Well I never believed in soulmates and I always thought that was a bunch of horsecrap until now. Let me convince some of you nonbelievers of what Im talking about. About 7 years ago I went to Universal Studios with what was a friend with benefits who I did like. We took the VIP tour and we went to the prop department, in the prop department they had a rather large toilet that was used in the movie The Incredible Shrinking Woman. I was so enthralled by the toilet I had to take a picture with it and so I did. The funny thing is the guide was worried that this would be the highlight of the tour!
Fast forward to 3 years ago when a certain Kellie Best was looking for old classmates on Yahoo, when she came across a guy in front of a really large toilet with the title "I put the friend in boyfriend". She clicked it which led her to my Myspace where she read some of my blogs and thought to herself "I like this guy". A few days after seeing my picture I happened to go into the very Rubios she works in and she looks at me and asks "Hey do you have a picture in front of a toilet?" I hesitantly yes. She handed my food and I went about my way. Later that night I had a friend request on Myspace and low and behold it was the girl from Rubios...Kellie Best. I added her and we started talking and hit it off right away. However I had just gotten out of a relationship with a really nutty woman. This woman once sat me down and pretty much talked to me like it was a 90 day review. I was like what the fuck??
So for the first 5-6 months or so Kellie and I were more friends with benefits and would do lots of fun stuff together. Like amusement parks, museums, Hollywood etc. I was real aprehensive at first and for awhile I came close to ending it because I was afraid of getting close to anybody and having them hurt me again, but Kellie was different than any woman Id ever gone out with. She had absolutely no drama. She was a blast to hang out with and she made me laugh. One day she was dropping me off at home and I could feel something coming on, she had to know where this was going. I said I was afraid to let her closer because I thought she would change like the rest of them, she assured me that she wasnt like that so I took the plunge and as of this writing we are less than 250 days from getting married. Now comes the evidence of the soulmate stuff...

- Her mom and my mom were born in the same month and week and have the same middle name and also worked in the same hospital.
- About 7 years ago I bought a Miami Hurricane jersey with the name Kelly on the back.
- We have a tendency to think and say the same things...A LOT!!
- Twice in the last 3 months while picking up my consumers for work Ive seen Kellie driving with her friend or coming back from the bank and both times we were in Pomona.
- Her sister in law and brother lived in a house a block over from where I was renting a room in Claremont when I first moved here.
- After losing my job at Mckinley after 11 years, it was Kellie's friend who helped get me the job at OPARC and leaving Mckinley allowed me to cash out my 403b and pay off my car.
- Our grandmas had the same birthday but in different years and both died on the 17th of different months.
- Her boss' name is Ron
- She grew up right up the street from one of my best friends.

Hollywood has gone to shit!!!

Hollywood has Gone to shit!!!
While watching some of the Academy Awards today I came to the conclusion that Hollywood has gone to shit! Is this the rambling of an old curmudgeon? Maybe..but it's my opinion none the less. It seems Hollywood nowadays greenlights any project that comes across it's desk with no regards to whether it will be good or not. Hell why care since if the movie bombs they will recoup the costs on DVD sales or in other ways. I thought about this Christmas night as my fiancee and I sat through Jack Black in the movie Gulliver's Travels. I thought to myself there is some movie exec out there who saw this screenplay and script and said.."Yes thats a great idea"!! and continues to be employed and is no doubt making lots of money. Now if I was a Supervisor and made a fucked up decision that cost my company a lot of money...Id be fired. Hollywood?? Not the case.
Movies like Kickin It Old School, Witless Protection and Battlefield Earth come to mind as God awful movies that some people explicably pay ther hard earned dollars to go see. How much is a non matinee movie nowadays? $12 for an adult ticket?? $15 for a large popcorn and 2 sodas...another $5 for a package of Gobstoppers or red vines that cost $1 at Target. (I know I know buy it ahead of time, but that requires too much forethought)..but then the people spend all that money go into a movie like Pluto Nash and come out thinking why the fuck did I spend all that money to see that piece of shit?? Luckily I myself see very few stinkers. I have a knack for avoiding shitty movies. Gulliver's Travels was just an exception.
All Im saying is Hollywood is one of the very few business ventures in this country where you can make fucked up decision after fucked up decision and still keep your job...where else can you get that?? Oh yeah congress!!!