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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hollywood has gone to shit!!!

Hollywood has Gone to shit!!!
While watching some of the Academy Awards today I came to the conclusion that Hollywood has gone to shit! Is this the rambling of an old curmudgeon? Maybe..but it's my opinion none the less. It seems Hollywood nowadays greenlights any project that comes across it's desk with no regards to whether it will be good or not. Hell why care since if the movie bombs they will recoup the costs on DVD sales or in other ways. I thought about this Christmas night as my fiancee and I sat through Jack Black in the movie Gulliver's Travels. I thought to myself there is some movie exec out there who saw this screenplay and script and said.."Yes thats a great idea"!! and continues to be employed and is no doubt making lots of money. Now if I was a Supervisor and made a fucked up decision that cost my company a lot of money...Id be fired. Hollywood?? Not the case.
Movies like Kickin It Old School, Witless Protection and Battlefield Earth come to mind as God awful movies that some people explicably pay ther hard earned dollars to go see. How much is a non matinee movie nowadays? $12 for an adult ticket?? $15 for a large popcorn and 2 sodas...another $5 for a package of Gobstoppers or red vines that cost $1 at Target. (I know I know buy it ahead of time, but that requires too much forethought)..but then the people spend all that money go into a movie like Pluto Nash and come out thinking why the fuck did I spend all that money to see that piece of shit?? Luckily I myself see very few stinkers. I have a knack for avoiding shitty movies. Gulliver's Travels was just an exception.
All Im saying is Hollywood is one of the very few business ventures in this country where you can make fucked up decision after fucked up decision and still keep your job...where else can you get that?? Oh yeah congress!!!

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