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The Ron Says!
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Monday, May 08, 2017

Sayings We Are All Tired of Hearing

There are certain phrases or quotes that tend to get under our skin when we hear them. Whether they give us bad visuals or we associate them with bad times or people we can't stand. I have a list of such phrases I would like to share with you and feel free to chime in with yours.

"Thanks in Advance" - Your dumbass is assuming that I'm going to do as you requested!

"There are more fish in the sea": But how many more are as crazy as the one I tossed back? Can I fish in a different sea if this one keeps producing rotten fish?

Give 110%---Only if you give me a 110% raise asshole! Until then I will give you the same 50-75% I have always given, depending on my mood!

Take it one day at a time- Well unless an old man and a kid in a vest jacket show up in a time traveling Delorean I don't have a choice now do I?

YOLO- This is an excuse for people to do stupid shit that tends to get some killed or seriously injured!

With all due respect- Well we all know the next words out of your mouth are going to be negative and/or an opinion I don't give a shit about. So do us all a favor and shut the fuck up!!

Just Sayin'- Am I the only one who wants to choke a motherfucker when that is said? I look at the person because that phrase is usually preceded by a sentence so stupid you look at them and think "Are you out of your God damn mind"?

I apologize for making you feel that way- So instead of taking responsibility for being a jackass this is what you come at me with?

Needless to say- Well if you don't need to say it, why the fuck are you?

This person really needs no introduction- Well with you kissing their ass like that of course they don't.

Be that as it may- Can you be anymore condescending? How about you go fuck yourself?