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The Ron Says!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Interesting Facts About Me,

-I've almost died on at least 5 different occasions in my life. When I was 3 I got away from my mom at the beach and wound up being rescued in the ocean by a lifeguard. Twice I've suffered analphylactic shock and the second time it combined with a heat stroke to nearly kill me. My senior year in high school we all jumped into the back of a truck that was going to take us home, before I could get all the way in he took off and I fell back out of the tailgate, but my 2 best friends grabbed me before my head could hit the road. When I was 10 my mom's car blew a flat and we flipped several times and landed right side up on some green plants on the Harbor Freeway. I honestly think a higher power is watching out for me.

-I once got into a fight with Mark Mcgwire's younger brother and didnt lose....

-When I was 12 I got struck out on 3 pitches by future softball Olympian and UCLA Bruin Lisa Fernandez because I thought for sure I could hit a softball pitcher.

-I didnt touch alcohol until I turned 21 and have never done any narcotics whatsoever.

- I enlisted in the Army Reserves at the age of 23, and to this day I believe that was one of the best decisions of my life.

- Have worked security at concerts and other events where I've met the likes of Matthew Mcconaughey, The Simmons Family, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards and Papa Roach

- Likes to stick up for retail workers when I see them being treated rudely

- Has been involved in 3 car accidents in my lifetime...walked away from all of them

- My strongest qualities are Im loyal and have a strong sense of humor. My weaknesses are Im a big procrastinator and I can be selfish.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eureka Burger

Sorry it's been awhile since I wrote just tends to tire me out. Last week however my fiancee and I went to Eureka Burger located in what is known as The Claremont Packing House. I had been looking forward to this since I heard it was coming. For years if you wanted a good burger in Claremont you either went to the Village Grille...and that was about it. Now with the addition of Eureka Burger which has burgers such as the Jalapeno Egg Burger which my friend Steve said was really good, or the Cowboy Burger which is basically a much much better version of a Western Bacon Cheese Burger at Carls it has their own BBQ sauce which is delicious. There signature french fries are perfectly seasoned. Whatelse Eureka Burger is known for is their beer. They dont have your run of the mill Miller, Coors or Bud they only have craft beers from local brewers and with my Cowboy Burger and fries I had a Dale Brothers Pomona Queen beer which goes down so smooth and does not have any after taste!. If you are ever in Claremont and wnat a good burger...go over to Eureka Burger you will be glad you did!!!