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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eureka Burger

Sorry it's been awhile since I wrote just tends to tire me out. Last week however my fiancee and I went to Eureka Burger located in what is known as The Claremont Packing House. I had been looking forward to this since I heard it was coming. For years if you wanted a good burger in Claremont you either went to the Village Grille...and that was about it. Now with the addition of Eureka Burger which has burgers such as the Jalapeno Egg Burger which my friend Steve said was really good, or the Cowboy Burger which is basically a much much better version of a Western Bacon Cheese Burger at Carls it has their own BBQ sauce which is delicious. There signature french fries are perfectly seasoned. Whatelse Eureka Burger is known for is their beer. They dont have your run of the mill Miller, Coors or Bud they only have craft beers from local brewers and with my Cowboy Burger and fries I had a Dale Brothers Pomona Queen beer which goes down so smooth and does not have any after taste!. If you are ever in Claremont and wnat a good burger...go over to Eureka Burger you will be glad you did!!!

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