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The Ron Says!
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Then and Now,

Then- We would all pile into the back of a pick up truck and go places or even our Little League coahces would take us all home from practice.
Now- Anybody riding in the back of a pick up truck is a serious ticket.

Then- We would just jump on our bikes and ride.
Now- Ive seen kids who look like they are suiting up for a joust and all they are doing is riding a block to a friends house.

Then- Saturday mornings were loaded with cartoons that usually contained a moral lesson at then or there would be messages in between cartoons thats taught you something.
Now- Saturday mornings are saturated with infomercials, cartoons that are just ads for toys and other pointless entertainment.

Then- Kids could play outside without fear of some pervert driving by and doing something
Now- I wouldnt let a kid out of my sight because of all the dirty perverts out there.

Then- Athletes would stay with one team for years and years.
Now- I refuse to buy jerseys with names on Shaq Laker jersey, Troy Glaus Angel shirt, Paul Kariya Ducks Jersey and Julius Peppers Panthers Jerseys are worthless now!!!

Then- Cosby Show, Facts of Life, Miami Vice, Family Ties, Knight Rider, Welcome Back Kotter, Brady Bunch
Now- Real Housewives of...., Jersey Shore, The Hills.....Get the hint??

Then- It didnt matter how ugly a singer was as long as they could sing
Now- Mick Jagger wouldnt stand a chance nowadays!!

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