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The Ron Says!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Interesting Facts About Me,

-I've almost died on at least 5 different occasions in my life. When I was 3 I got away from my mom at the beach and wound up being rescued in the ocean by a lifeguard. Twice I've suffered analphylactic shock and the second time it combined with a heat stroke to nearly kill me. My senior year in high school we all jumped into the back of a truck that was going to take us home, before I could get all the way in he took off and I fell back out of the tailgate, but my 2 best friends grabbed me before my head could hit the road. When I was 10 my mom's car blew a flat and we flipped several times and landed right side up on some green plants on the Harbor Freeway. I honestly think a higher power is watching out for me.

-I once got into a fight with Mark Mcgwire's younger brother and didnt lose....

-When I was 12 I got struck out on 3 pitches by future softball Olympian and UCLA Bruin Lisa Fernandez because I thought for sure I could hit a softball pitcher.

-I didnt touch alcohol until I turned 21 and have never done any narcotics whatsoever.

- I enlisted in the Army Reserves at the age of 23, and to this day I believe that was one of the best decisions of my life.

- Have worked security at concerts and other events where I've met the likes of Matthew Mcconaughey, The Simmons Family, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards and Papa Roach

- Likes to stick up for retail workers when I see them being treated rudely

- Has been involved in 3 car accidents in my lifetime...walked away from all of them

- My strongest qualities are Im loyal and have a strong sense of humor. My weaknesses are Im a big procrastinator and I can be selfish.

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