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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Claremont City Council,

On March 8th the citizens of Claremont will elect 3 new members of the City Council, today Id like to blog about what I'd do if I was elected to the City Council. First I'd like to introduce common sense to the Council, there will be no more stupid decisions such as trolleys that dont really go anywhere or building of roundabouts which confuse the hell out of people. Those 2 ideas were a complete waste of money. I would also like to expedite the whole building of new businesses in the city, does it really take a year to approve and build a freakin Norms Restaraunt? Or a Fresh and Easy? Hell Claremont's processes are so foot dragging that the Walgreens we wanted at Peppertree Square backed out. Also the unoccupied building on Mills and Foothill, we would reopen the discussion about a 7-11 over there, all the elitists in Northern Claremont who picture Pomona 7-11s when this was proposed will watch a slide show about some of the newer 7-11s that have been built such as the one in Ranch Cucamonga on Haven which doesnt even feel like a 7-11. Claremont needs sales tax revenue and a building that was built 2 years ago and remains empty does not generate revenue.
Also I will do whatever it takes to attract more car dealerships to the Claremont Auto Center off of the 10 fwy and Indian Hill. Claremont Toyota is the only dealership open and with all of the recalls they have really taken a beating. With Toyota being probably Claremont's biggest source of tax revenue, once the recalls happened and once Toyota got bad press, that meant that dealership was going to take a hit.
Also business property owners would have to go through the city before making stupid decisions such as not renewing Albertson's lease and thinking you will get another business....which you haven't been able to do since you made that decision 6 years ago! Now once all that has been accomplished and tax revenue starts coming back in we will find The Claremont Police Department and new suitable location because the closet we have them in now is just not a good location. I propose the corner of Monte Vista and Foothill has being developed into a new Police Station. The Old Police Station we will discuss uses for.
I will propose tweaking our drive thru ordinances. The Village area is off limits to drive thrus, but Peppertree Square, The Old Albertson's Center, Vons Shopping Center on Baseline are all viable places to put a drive thru. I dont want Burger Kings or McDonalds, Im thinking Walgreens, CVS or any other drive thru pharmacy.
I feel cities need to stop whining about State and National decisions and start taking responsibility for our own. Vote for The Ron!!!

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