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The Ron Says!
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sticking up for the Common Man,

Yesterday after I worked out I stopped at a Chevron adjacent to my gym here in Claremont. As I walked in to get my Vitamin Water and some gum I overheard some older lady at the register getting kind of surly with the 20 something dude behind the register. The lady was in her late 40s early 50s with some coifed hairdo. I walked towards the register to pay for my stuff and I hear the lady actually giving the poor kid grief for the gas prices. The kid looks at me and I look at him and the lady just continues. Saying how can he keep raising the prices? That's when I said "Now wait a minute, does your dumb ass actually think that dude is the one who sets the prices?" The lady looks in my direction with a "how dare you talk to me like that look". I said "that dude is only following what the head honchos are telling him to do." I continued "now why dont you go get into your gas guzzling Sebring out there, go home, get on your computer and bitch to the people that matter and leave this poor kid alone. She got huffy puffy and left. At this point is when the manager in the back finally decided to appear and asked what all the ruckus was. I explained in brief what had happened. We all had a laugh and in the end she gave me my Vitamin Water and gum for free!!!

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