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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Things That Really Piss Me Off,

1. When you are behind another car at a stop light and when the light turns green, they dont go because they are well into a cell phone conversation and when you honk your horn to get them going they get mad at you! What the fuck dumb ass? When the light turns green YOU GO!!!

2. Standing in line at a fast food restaraunt and when the person in front of you finally gets to the front, they realize that they dont know what they want. They were too busy chatting with their friend to think about what they wanted.

3. Evil people- When a dude beats a woman into a coma over a parking spot in New York and says she started it and he was defending himself. When 18 people rape an 11 year old girl in Texas. When gang bangers kill an innocent baby in a drive by shooting. Politicians bilking tax payers out of money. Bullys!.

4. Cell phone salesman at the mall- I hate when Im walking through the mall and the minute you make eye contact with a cell phone salesperson they want to sell you a phone. Its to the point the minute I see one of their carts I look down...I dont even want to hear their pitch.

5. Drama!! I hate when people date horrible people and then want to whine and cry to the people around them that all men/women are assholes!! Look in the mirror asshole there is something wrong with you for you to continue to date these losers.

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