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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sooooo This One Time,

One time myself and my friends Joe and Shaun decided to goto a bar and grill called Buffalo Inn here in nearby Upland. When we got there there was already a few people waiting to be seated and from the looks of it the girl who seats people seemed kind of new and unsure of herself as she had a look of exasperation on her face. All of a sudden she walks inside. 5 minutes go by and she hasnt come back out. All of us are standing or sitting around looking at each other like what do we do?
My friend Joe gets up and walks over to the stand where the clipboard was that had the names of who was next. He picks it up and looks down and just blurts out (I forget the names) Smith Party of 3. My friend Shaun gets up and grabs 3 menus and the people look at us like ok we dont care we are just hungry. So Shaun walks them over to a table and hands them their menus. Joe then says "Jones party of 4" So I grabs the menus and walk them to an empty clean table. We do this for 2 more groups until we look up and the girl comes back out with the manager. The manager looks around and looks at Joe with the clipboard and just laughs. He takes over to a table asks what kind of beer we want and brings us a pitcher and just thanks us. TRUE STORY!!

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