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Saturday, October 15, 2016

4th of July with all of its explosiveness and temptaions is filled with memories for me...let me share a few of them.

Some of you who remember an earlier blog about how we accidently shot our neighbor in the ass with a bb gun...will feel even more sorry for him after this story. I was about 16 when this takes place. My friend Luie (The one who shot Ken in the ass) had some how procured a very large number of bottle rockets prior to the 4th of many that if he tried lighting them one by one by himself he wouldve been at it for awhile. So in his benevolence and probably a bad idea...he decided to share with the rest of us...the rest of us being my friends Joe Rinie, Luies brother Anthony and I cant remember who else. We all made these bazooka looking things out of plastic pipes and all sat down along the street to light the bottle rockets....oh did I mention that my street was hosting its annual 4th of July Block Party and everybody was sitting along the street watching people light the "Safe and Sane" Fireworks. We were what we thought...out of the way lighting our bottle rockets one after another. I mustve lit about 20 of them as they shot one after another into the air...but I lit one and all of a sudden it shot up...went side ways and landed in a certain neighbors lap."GOD DAMNIT YOU GUYS!!" he yelled....I had the look of oh shit on my face. Ken jumped up and stamped out everything before it could do any damage...but his nerves and his temper were shot...he comes stomping down the street to where we were and yells..."You kids need to stop lighting those bottle rockets before somebody gets hurt!!"
II. Before I moved to Chino I lived in Cerritos and before that In Artesia. I was 12 when this story takes place. While in Artesia there was this kid that lived on my street that everybody and anybody hated. I had only lived on the block a few months when this skinny kid with a bowl cut comes down to where I was living...I was out in my garage throwing darts..when this kid goes walking by...looks my way and just flips me the middle finger...Im like who the hell is this kid? I had recently become friends with my neighbors Shan, Derrick and Vel...the explained to me that the skinny kid was Michale Fayerweather and he had been kicked out of every school in the district because people keep kicking his butt. From my initial encounter I could see why.
Well fast forward through numerous confrontations, me pummeling this kid on a couple of occasions, me watching a mob of kids who I told where Michale lived try and get Michael out of his forward to the 4th of July. My friend Jae who looked older had bought us some smoke bombs...we were infront mf my house lighting them when I look up and see Michael peek up from his wall and say "Jae is a fucking gook and Ron is a fag!!!" He then starts throwing oranges in our direction....we take cover in my garage and wait..he finally stops and we dont here anything. I look at Jae and say..give me a bomb..he hands me a smoke bomb and we walk to Michaels house...Jae and I decide to light 3 smoke bombs and drop them in the mail slot that is attached to Michael's front door...we drop them and run top speed back to my garage and sit on the couch and act like we are innocent...of course down the street theres a house with blue, red and white colored smoke coming out of windows and doors...Michael and his sister Tracy come out front coughing and looking our way...little did we know that they callled the police.
The LA County Sheriff pulls up and talks to Michael and he points our way...the sheriff walks over to us and asks if we had thrown any smoke bombs in Michaels house...we fessed up and pointed at the oranges that Michael had thrown at us...the sheriff said we overreacted and asked to speak to our parents..he talks to my mom and Jae's folks and after a while he finally leaves. Our folks chastised us...but they knew Michael's M.O. and laughed it off.

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