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Saturday, October 15, 2016

ACDC Concert 12/14/2008

 Last weekend I saw ACDC at The Forum in Inglewood (Where the Lakers used to play). ACDC is one of the hardest rocking groups of all time and last weekend they lived up to the billing. They startout wih a huge movie screen showing a train rolling right along and the sound is just deafening until it builds to a creshendo and a huge train breaks through the screen with fire and ACDC starts out with their new song "Rock and Roll Train". They have such a huge library of music that they could play for hours...but they play for a good 2 hours plus and the only 2 major songs that I noticed were missing were "Big Balls" and "Who Made Who".  "They were so loud that when we left the concert my ears were ringing pretty loudly. Im just hoping if they comeback around that they play someplace else other than the Forum.
   The Forum was sold out and you can tell because the small hallways were filled with people...including the drunk lady who insisted ob me escorting her to the tequila stand as I was walking to the restroom and telling me how good I smelled...she insisted that it reminded her of a scent from the 80's (It was Axe Body spray) she finally spotted the tequila stand and I found a stairwell that looked like it led to a dungeon but in actuallity it led to the restroom which obvously hasnt been redone since The Forum opened 30+ years ago. Only older arenas actually use troughs to urinate in. For those that dont know a trough is just ne long receptacle that alllows for many guys to piss at the same time or give Gay guys a free peak at your package. Being the germphobe that I am I abhor the thought of a drunk guy standing elbow to elbow with me as he drunkingly pisses....this has no appeal to me and since all the stalls were taken and the restroom was so full we were like sardines and I had to piss REALLY low and behold there was the cleaning closet. I peaked in and saw a drain used to dump mop water into. The light buld went on in my head..I walked in and closed the door and pissed down the drain. Avoiding some drunken stoned dude pissing on me...I open the door and leave. People were laughing their ass off..hell one guy who was having to go badly even went in after me to use the drain.
The Forum is a decent place to watch a concert, but the area it is in (Inglewood) is not a very nice area. Now Im sure a majority of the people that live there are good hardworking people, but its that 5% of assholes that can give a city a bad image. Take the guys in the lot who were selling the guy who obviously has smoked some crack in his life who basically talked so fast it was like reading the following sentence..."wouldyouliketobuyatshirtfor$10?" I had to slow it down in my head and wonder to myself if he was a crack head or he spoke swahili?
My friend Kellie who I went to the concert with cant go anywhere without being recognized by somebody. We are at Sizzler...In Inglewood...miles from the good old Inland Empire...we are even waiting for the arena to clear out before leaving...we wait a good 20 minutes to leave...we walk through the tunnel...and all of a sudden we hear..."Kellie is that you?" It's one of her regular customers that go to her particular Rubios everyweek...Deja Vu huh?

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