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Saturday, October 15, 2016

So I Live in the Past Part 2

Well it's summer 1994...August to be exact and I've just returned home from a 6 month stint in the Army...I had done my Basic Training in South Carolina and AIT in Virginia. Those that know me that prior to leaving for basic I wasnt what you would call a serious drinker. Id get drunk of Zima and wine coolers...that was it...I wasnt a beer drinker at all...but while away I discovered that beer really wasnt that bad.  While in Virginia Id order a pitcher and the bartender would ask "how many glasses" I needed...Id look at him and ask.."I dont need no stinking glasses" and proceed to consume the pitcher on my own.  Now coming home little did I know that one of my "gang"  Joe had met a girl at Club Metro and he was pretty serious about her. He was excited for me to meet her and was telling her what a great friend I was and that I wasnt much of a drinker..etc....etc. Of course he was describing the Pre-Army Ron Scott..
So my first night back Im at my friend Jerry's getting drunk off of my ass...Im to the point where Im laying on his steps in front of his house and it was at this time...Joe pulls up with his fiancee...they come walking up and Im so unable to stand at thhis point...all I can do is hold my hand out as Joe intros his girl to me...I look up and drooling and in garbles speech say.."Pleased to meet you"!! Joe was trying so hard not to laugh...and Jerry comes out and helps me to my feet so Im not looking like a total front of our friend's fiancee. After a few minutes they left...and Joe told me the next morning that he speant the trip back trying to convince his girl that I was not an alcoholic...and that I had never been that fucked up....
Of course Joe wasnt there when I was puking off of the Holiday Inn Balcony overlooking Virginia Beach about a month before coming home.

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