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The Ron Says!
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Urinal Etiquette

The other day I was at the movies and when I went to use the restroom a guy violated one of Guy's longest standing rules...when there are 3 urinals...its man..empty urinal...and then you take the next urinal....this guy took the one right next to mine....what the fuck dude?? So this is for those guy's out there who are unsure of our unwritten code...

When using a urinal never stand directly beside another guy who is in the process. Also, when entering an empty washroom with more than one urinal, always take one on the outside. This will allow another guy to have the one urinal gap which is an important guy rule. In a washroom with three urinals, no matter what, NEVER take the middle one. Two urinals in a washroom is bad, there should always be one empty, even if you have to go bad. In this situation use a toilet, blow your nose or wash up, but do not use the one open urinal. Washrooms with three or more urinals are good because it allows two guys to go at once. This is a very important rule for all guys who are really Guys."

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