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Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Birthday (8-27-2006)

This past weekend was my 35th Birthday...on Saturday my buddy Tim comes and picks me up and we head for Hooters on Hollywood Blvd. I goto the restroom and when I come back I sat down and after a couple of minutes my waitress (who looks like Beyonce) takes my hand and then says..."attention attention....its Ronalds birthday...then she proceeds to places a paper cup in my mouth and two plates in my hands...evidently I am now The Hooters Mascot hootie....and I must dance around and hoot as they sing to me. After that...I sit back down and my waitress asks if I want to see her sidekick and she proceeds to kick me in the ass....kind of hard too (yes I liked it).

We leave Hooters and Tim asks what now? I said lets look for the Playboy Mansion...Im a subscriber to the magazine and the cyber club...the least Hugh can do is say hi. I had no idea that the Mansion was just above my buddy and I were cruising Bel Air looking for we were heading back to Sunset Blvd a Silver Convertible Pulls up alongside and my buddy looks over and says to me...who is that? I look over and it hits me right away....Thats New Kid on the Block and Surreal Life Star...Jordan Knight. I roll down the window and just said....whats up Jordan?...he gave me a thumbs up and drove away...(No Im not Gay)

We head on down PCH...past LAX and head into Santa Monica where some dude literally stumbled out of a bar..with his arms flapping and falls flat on his face...damn that shit was funny!! We drive on and see several movie star type trailers...we pull up alongside and ask the security guard (Who looks 90) whats going on and he says that Pirates of the Carribean is being filmed in the harbor. He says he is there to keep fans from stealing Johnny Depp's hairbrush and other personal items.

We wound up in Redondo at some bar and danced with some honey's there....even had a b-day kiss from a lovely lady. We left and headed back for the lovely Inland Empire...

Happy 35th to me!!

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