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The Ron Says!
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why (3-26-2005)

Why do men beat their wives and then say they do it because they love them? Why do courts continue to return kids to their abusive parents? Why do people smoke cigarettes and then sue the cigarette companies because they now have lung cancer? Why does our government continue to lie to us for the reasons of invading Iraq and why do we continue to accept these lies? You notice Bush never even mentions WMDS anymore. Why do people who get fat sue McDonalds because they are fat? Why do people blame video games and violent movies for kids commiting violence in schools? I grew up watching Wile E. Coyote blowing himself up....Irons hitting Tom in Tom and Jerry....Popeye solving his issues by fighting and I came out ok. Could it be I accepted all responsibility for who I was? Why do people still drink and drive? Why in the richest country in the world do people still go without adequate medical care? Why are people so concerned with gay marriage, but not with domestic violence?

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