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Saturday, October 15, 2016

So I Live in the Past Part 4

Sorry Shaun....I have to tell this classic story...
(Disclaimer: I am not a homophobe now...but back then I may have continue reading)
My Buddy Gets Hired to Dance at a Birthday Party
Roughly a week after meeting my friend's buddy Shaun came up for leave from Camp Pendleton. I hadn't seen him since I left for Basic Training....we caught up and then went to our friend Dan's house. Now Dan's neighbor had heard that Shaun can dance just like Michale Jackson and wanted to hire him to dance at her brother's birthday party. Myself, Dan and Shaun thought that's cool...she wants Shaun to dance for her brother and she is going to pay....we are all thinking its a kid....
The night of the party arrives and we get to the house in the directions as we walk into the backyard Shaun isnt to aware of the surroundings as he is getting into his "mindset" as he used to put it. But myself, Daniel and his friend Mike are getting weird vibes from the people that are at the party...first of all ther are no "kids"'s all adults....MALE adults. I look at Daniel and ask him what kind of party is this? Daniel's friend non chalantly says I dont like the looks of this...Shaun is oblivious to all of it as he is just going over his routine in his head...but the music is blaring and it just so happens...Village People's YMCA comes on and all the guys who wernt dancing...decided to each other....Daniel says.."ITS A GAY PARTY"!!!!...all of a sudden Shaun looks up and I hear him say..."Holy shit!!"...Im holding a beer in my hand and proceed to spit out the contents of my mouth....and I say..."What the fuck is going on Shaun??"...I go away to Basic Training...come back and you are dancing at Gay parties?? Shaun just says..."I had no fucken idea"!!!  The girl who hired Shaun comes out and greets us..and I ask her how much is Shaun getting paid...she says $40...Shaun just says..."Can we talk?"...we all go inside and sit around a table...and the girl is saying Im sorry Shaun...I assumed you knew my brother was gay...Shaun has this look on his face like what the fuck??...Daniel, Mike and myself are just taking survey of the situation...I get up to use the restroom...before I leave I just tell renegotiate.
I get back to the table and Shaun is now getting paid a bit more than before so he agrees to it. We all go back outside an Dan, myself and Mike are huddled against a wall with our asses aganst the wall drinking beer. Shaun comes outside in costume and being the consumate professional that he always was...he was ready to go. Luckily for Shaun there was one really gorgeous woman at the party willing to dance with him for "The Wake me Feel" dance he did. Of course halfway through Billie Jean when Shaun grabbed gay guy clapped very flamboyantly and said "Fabulous"!!! Shaun I think shut out what was happening and just did his thing....I know I couldnt have done it my friend!!
After he is finished we tell Shaun...get the money and lets go dude!! One guy grabs my friend Mike by the arm and tells him...your friend was fabulous!! Shaun gets the money we say our good byes and go...

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