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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Attention all Myspace sexual predators...(2-10-2006)

Dear pervert/asshole/registered jack ass
If you are reading this than you must be one of those idiots I have been reading about in the papers and seeing on the news. You know the registered sex offending dirt bag who is lurking on here for only one purpose....luring some poor unsuspecting kid into your scumbag hands. Now hear this you fucking loser....I am going to make it my mission to see if I can weed some of you jack asses out and also to warn the kids on here of losers such as yourself.
Who am I? Lets just say Im somebody who hates scum such as you....I troll the Megans Law page looking for asses like yourself...just like you troll Myspace looking for whatever it is your sickened mind looks for. You know that Dateline special where the police in Riverside rounded up a few of your buddies...I enjoyed every minute of that show...because we got to see the faces of some of your friends as they got carted away.
In closing pervert let me just say that kids were not put on this earth for your sexual gratification....they should be aloud to grow up without having to fear people such as yourself, but in the mean time I am going to make it my mission to make your looking on here harder.
Have a Nice Day Scumbag

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