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Saturday, October 15, 2016

I Shot My Neighbor

My buddies Luie, Joe Rinie and myself were shooting a BB Gun in Luie’s backyard. I was 16 or so at the time and they were roughly the same age. We were taking turns shooting cans off of Luie’s fence....not knowing Luie’s neighbor Ken was working in his garden next door.
It was my turn to shoot when I said hey this is how gangs shoot....I aimed it sideways and shot it...the BB missed the cans and all of a sudden we hear from the backyard next door...."OWW...LUIE GOD DAMN IT!!!".  We shot Ken in the ass evidently. We all ran inside Luie’s house and hid out in the living room like nothing happened....we hear a loud banging on Luie’s door....Luie goes to open it.
Ken- God damn it Luie you shot me in the ass with a BB gun!!!!
I came over and accepted responsibility....but ken was pissed...and later told Luie’s dad and my Step Dad about what happened....Luie had his BB gun taken away and I was told I couldnt shoot bb guns anymore with Luie....but that was some funny ass stuff though!!

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