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The Ron Says!
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The last 6 months have been awesome (4-25-2007)

Since last November it seems my life has done a 180 from where I was last summer. Last summer I was 30 Lbs overweight, car less, Grace had shredded what was left of my heart, her mom passed away, my cholesterol level was off the charts, my job life was basically at a standstill.
Fast forward to present time...I'm 30 Lbs lighter and just joined a gym. I have an awesome 1999 Chevy Malibu (Thanks to my friend Jerry) that runs awesome. A few months ago I went to the UCLA celebration in Westwood and a couple of college girls felt me up (now that just made my head blow up). I have a new position at work which is awesome and I love it and my hours. And there is even a new lady friend in my life...Im taking that really slow but things are going very she's freakin hot...hotter than anything I ever thought I could date....(Knock on wood) This year has become awesome!!

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