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Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Day (12-23-2005)

Im not one to seek attention for good deeds...seeing as how I strongly believe in karma, I believe all good deeds get repaid somehow someway.  Today as Im riding the bus back from Montclair mall to Claremont, the driver suddenly slams on his brake I was able to brace myself but a heavyset man seated in his wheelchair wasnt so lucky. For whatever reason he wasnt strapped in and he fell out of his wheelchair...and hard. Myself, an older gentleman and another guy jumped to his aid. Between the 3 of us and the bus driver we managed to get him back into his wheel chair. The guy had to have been close to 300lbs! Plus he was paralyzed in his left leg and was unable to give us any leverage. After we helped him I noticed blood on the ground just as the bus got to the bus stop...turned out he opened up a pretty deep gash in his leg. Now get this...the bus had no first aid kit!! what the fuck??? How can a mode of transportation used by the public not have a first aid kit in the event of an accident or what happened today?
Thinking quickly I ran inside a bike shop next to the bus stop and was able to get a bandage and some gloves...and given that I have First Aid Training from the Red Cross...I was able to apply pressure to his wound until the paramedics arrived.
The bus driver did nothing but call his supervisor who in turn called the paramedics....nobody else on the bus lifted a finger...many were preturbed that they were being inconvenienced by the situation. I helped him because it was the right thing to do....if these people had been in his situation they wouldve wanted some help as well.

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