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Saturday, October 15, 2016

So I Live in the Past Part 3

Moving to Chino....
It's Summer 1985 I just finished my Freshman Year at Cerritos and my folks have decided to move to someplace called Chino. I had no idea where Chino folks drive myself and my step brother out there to see the new house and as we get closer I notice there are a lot of cows. We get out of the car to see our yet to be completed home and then the smell hits mind you Im sensitive to smells anyways....the smell of feces tends to make me gag. So this smell of a calf farm that was down the road, a horse farm and the dairies that were mear blocks from my home was overwhelming to my city nose. I grew up in Redondo Beach and Cerritos/Artesia so I was so not used to this horrible scent that was permeating my nostrils.
Before moving to Chino my family and I were staying with friends in mom, dad, myself and step brother along with my lab Tai...were all staying it what was a large living room until our house could be completed. All I remember was walking to Golf 'n' Stuff every other day and playing some video games to pass the time since I didnt know anybody in the area...all my friends were in Cerritos/Artesia.
After about a month of this one room living our house was finished and we moved to the country living of Chino. When we moved there the popultation was about 50,000...there were 2 high schools, no movie theaters, and lots and lots of cows. My mom enrolled me in summer school as I had to make up some credits I lost because I left Cerritos High too first day at Chino was in the summer and I was already feeling out of is a kid dressed in OPs, Vans and other beachwear mingling with these cocky rich dairy kids...and trying to adjust to the cow shit smell. Anyways where am I going with this long story??
Within our first month of living in was about 830 at night when we heard a siren come from the distance. I went out to see and I could make out the water tower near the prison had a flashing blue light and a siren squealing from the time I had no clue that meant somebody had just escaped from the prison..."HOLY FUCKING SHIT" I thought...not only does it wreak of cow shit but there are prisoners busting out of the fucking prison. The street up from me I saw several police cars screaming towards the prison and the surrounding area. Police Explorers were handing out wanted posters of the escapee...I went in the house and showed my folks.  I said smells like shit here and there are prisoners running loose. My parents reassured me and I went about my business.
Turns out they caught the guy the next day...I forget where...but that were my first impressions of Chino...cow shit and prison breaks!!!

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