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Saturday, October 15, 2016

WWE Fan Axxess 5/23/2008

Well I went down to the WWE's annual Fan Axxess down at Universal City Walk and it was fun. Nobody was available to go with me so I had to go solo...but those that know me know thats no big deal for me. WWE Fan axxess is a traveling fan interaction event the WWE puts on to hype Wrestlemania every year. This year they had a stage set up, a game show, an entrance ramp where you can have an entrance set to WWE theme music, tattoos, WWE video games etc. Of course I had to do the entrance and did mine to Batista's theme music...then I played the game show which is a 3 person trivia contests and the first to 3 wins a prize...of course I won again. Then I got to go on stage with Hillbilly Jim and the host...Hillbilly Jim totally recognized me from all the other events I have been to....and I won a T-shirt and a dvd for answering some more trivia...I had a lot of fun at this...I got out of there before the rain started coming down to heavily.

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