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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Random Thoughts 10-27-2006

Well it's rant time again....
Andy Milonakis- How does this fat little bastard have his own show on MTV2 if he isnt funny? Maybe it's a sign that Im getting older that I find him verry unfunny.
George Bush- How ironic that a couple of weeks before election that he finally admits that things might not be going as well in Iraq as he has been saying. Well duh you Texas two steppin redneck son of a bitch...You finally realized that Iraq is one big cluster fuck?
Rush Limbaugh- Hey you fat pain pill addicted asshole....I have shakes to that I cant control and get worse from time to time...why dont you come make fun of me to my face you fat slob!!
Ann Coulter- Come on woman....just admit you like it rough and you will be all the happier for it.
Hillary Clinton- So if elected are you going to be hiring young male interns?
Karl Dorrell (UCLA Head Coach)- A QB sneak on 4th and 1 inside your own 40 in the 2nd Quarter with all 11 Irish in the box? Are you a fuckin idiot or what? I wouldnt do that shit on my PS2!
Lost- 6 shows and then a 13 week hiatus? Thats like getting a bj and she stops just before climax and says she will be back tomorrow to finish...
Madonna- So fucking what if she adopted and African baby....most of the people lambasting her probably have never even dropped a dime in those charity collections at 7-11!!
Kevin Federline- Why?
Janet Jackson- Appearing half nude on a half dozen magazines will not make your album sell better. You want your album to sell better? Include a second disc in which you explain why your brother is such a freak.
Rob Zombie- He's going to direct a remake of Halloween....he's about to show these amateurs how its really done. Anybody seen Devils Rejects? Fucken awesome!
Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes- Who gives a flying fuck???
Al Davis/Fidel Castro- Which one will die first? Im hoping Al.
Tony Snow-(Whitehouse Spokesman) So how far up George Bush's ass are you exactly? Can you see what he had for dinner?
George Bush/Dick Cheney- Well here's proof that Bush and Dick dont always go together!
Cocaine Energy Drink- Thats just long did you think it would take before people raised a fuss?

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