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Saturday, October 15, 2016


  AIT is Adavanced Individualized Training...basically it’s where you learn your job. The Army can send you to any number of places based on your MOS. I had the fortunate oppurtunity to goto Fort Lee, Virginia just outside of Richmond. Fort Lee or Fort Leisure as it’s referred to by those of us who were there and by the jealous recruits who had to do AIT in places like Fort Leavenworth or Fort Sill, OK.
I met a lot of people there who without whom I probably wouldn’t have become the man I became. During my time in the regular time and my time as a holdover (Which I will talk about later). This blog will be an introductory blog to the cast of characters I will touch on in future blogs.
PVT Jackson- From Harlem, NY He worked at McDonalds before he enlisted. He had a tendency to attract women with a lot of drama and issues. Jackson was a great guy, but tended to be somewhat gullible sometimes. Jackson kinda looks like Chris Rock but skinnier and with acne.
PFC Brooks- Our beloved Platoon Leader....NOT!! This guy was our platoon leader..but respect he did not have. I think he had good intentions and personally I didnt have any problems with the guy...but he was very indecisive.
PFC Charlie Plantamura- Brooklyn, New York He is the quintessetial Brooklynite....Italian, tall, loud and proud...he was funny as hell. He could drink and drink and drink.
PVT. Witherington- From Grady, Alabama- Population 2000...A true Southern boy...had his definite opinions on race relations..liked to line dance and enjoyed chewing tobacco.
Pvt Luckadoo-(From the South...I forget where)....We called Luckadoo..."Buddy Fucker". We were all pretty loyal to one another and watched each other’s back...but this guy you had to watch at first. After awhile he became one of us.
Pvt Welsh- From Oklahoma, This guy had no standards when it came to women..(Of course my standards lowered while in AIT)...but Welsh couldnt say no to anybody. It wound up getting him into trouble later on.
Pfc. Sanchez-He was a quiet guy and mostly kept to himself...but he was very reliable and hard working
The guys above were apart of my regular class...the following were some of my fellow holdovers. I was a holdover because due to a stress fracture I suffered in Basic...I was having a hard time passing the 2 mile run in the PT Test.
Pfc. Bell- Kansas City, Missouri...This guy was tall and big...he was a total Charles Barkley lookalike. At first I was a bit intimidated by him, but once he saw that he could trust me...he became a decent friend.
Pvt. Nyghen- A fellow Southern Californian...from up near Six Flags...he and I became drinking buddies....we would get shit faced.
Pfc Delaunne- (New Orleans,LA) Was a hold over waiting for orders to goto Panama....he was waiting for awhile.
Pfc. Smith- A tall white dude...the girl I was messing with hooked up with him.
Now that the intros have been made....the stories will begin...

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