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The Ron Says!
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

So I Live In The Past Part 1

It's the late 90's and I just moved to Claremont where i was renting a room from my then friend Beth. She was throwing a party for a friend and they were going to have a male stripper so evidently myself and my friends Shaun and Joe had to make ourselves scarce. So we exit and head to our watering hole at the time...The Buffalo Inn in Upland as we arrive it is a little busier than usual and we notice the girl seating people seems new and nervous. Without explanation she disappears inside and we are left outside with other people waiting to get in and everybody is looking around like..."Now what?". Joe gets up and grabs the clipboard with all of the reservations and just reads..."Bob party of 4"!! Shaun gets up and grabs 4 menus and the party of 4 gets up and follows him to an empty table. Joe then reads another name and I grab a menu and lead another party to an empty table...this goes on until we get to our names. By this time the manager comes out with the stressed out girl expecting to see a lot of angry customers. Instead he sees all of the customers seated and the 3 of us waiting to be seated. We explain what happened and he walks us to our table and come back with a free pitcher of beer and just says thank you.

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