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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Staples Center Parking (1-29-2006)

Let me tell you about my day....My boss calls me last night and tells me we have free LA Avenger tickets (Arena football) for the Staples Center in L.A. Im thinking wow thats cool I have never been to an Arena football game this will be some fun. After getting to work I leave for the game with four kids in tow at 1230PM...kickoff was at 1230 pm. Now im thinking I might make it for the 2nd quarter if I break some laws...Im thinking we will make it on time. Getting to Staples Center I have my first shock....some genious in his infinite wisdom has decided to dig up the huge parking lot in front of Staples and build theaters and the question in my head is..."Where the fuck am I going to park??" Adjacent to Staples is The LA Convention Center which is hosting a bridal show and a boat Im thinking Im really fucked now...good luck finding a spot.
After driving around and trying to get into several full of my kids says he can see the game on TV. I look up and notice that its the 3rd quarter already and theres 5 minutes left....thats when I notice the only available lot....and these jack asses want $20 for me to park there....are you out of your fucking mind?? Fuck I take my 4 kids who all have adhd and did wonderful...hell they were more patient than me...and we goto Nickel Nickel video arcade and make the most of it...
To the morons who decided to rip up the huge lot in front of Staples.....yo can kiss my white ass!!

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