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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Republicans and Democrats both suck (10-14-2005)

For too long Democrats and Republicans have run roughshod over this country.  Either you are labeled liberal or or republican...but what people dont realize is that both parties are just two sides of the same coin.  Right now Republicans are being investigated for wrongdoing...6 years ago the Democrats were underseige from the Republicans. When one party is in control the other party spends all of their time figuring out how to debate the other instead of finding common ground and making this country a better place.  All the while they are just distracting the public from the real issues.
In some states they are debating whether or not to legalize gay marriage/unions. Why are we wasting tax payers money debating a non issue? In most of the states involved with this issue drugs are rampant in the streets...child abuse continues...gangs are spreading their filth...schools are overcrowded and underfunded...and we are unprepared for the next major disaster that will hit. But Tom Delay, Karl Rove and Bill Frisk are more important then kids being kept in cages in Ohio and the Social Department that allowed that to happen or our soldiers not having the best equipment to properly deal with Iraq/Afghanistan.  Remember the soldier who asked Donald Rumsfeld about our shoddy armored humvees? Most people have forgotten because our government is more concerned with talking about steroids in sports.
What we need is Common sense...but as long as we continue to be brainwashed by the corporate ran media and our elected politicians....they will continue to do whatever their hearts desire.

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