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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why the hell? (9-27-2006)

Why the hell does somebody say "This tastes like shit....try it"??
Why the hell do doughnut shops sell diet coke?
Why the hell do the police always catch you fucking up....but not the guy in front of me hauling a fridge, 4 washer and dryers and a dishwasher in his 1980's Toyota Pick Up that is sagging in the middle?

Who the hell decided that cutting a Krispy Kreme dougnut in half and placing a chicken patty in the middle with honey, cheese and a secret sauce was a good idea?
Who the hell was the frist guy who actually said.."Hey this Carrot Top fellow is pretty damn funny?"
Who the hell created the Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms?
Why the hell are Fidel Castro and Al Davis still alive?
Who the hell actually thinks George Bush is an intelligent man?
Why the hell is another Rocky movie coming out?
Why the hell did they make Rocky 5?
Why the hell didnt Gary Coleman win for Governor of California?
Why the hell do people care if Gay people get married...I am not Gay so I do not care!!
Why the hell do we make such a big deal about nudity but not about violence?
Yanni....why the hell do people buy this crap?
Why the hell are old women shopping at Forever 21?
Why the hell are there 2 Starbucks right across the street from one another in Pasadena

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