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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Jericho got cancelled (5/17/2007)

I only watch 2 shows on CBS...Jericho and Price is Right. Well Bob Barker is retiring and they are thinking of replacing him with Rosie (Im a fat bitch) O' Donnell so I guess no more Price is Right for me. Then the jackasses that be at CBS decide not to renew Jericho!! Excuse me? Come again? These same idiots are going to have a show about a vampire who is a detective who solves crimes!! What the fuck kind of dumb ass show is that??
  CBS will add three dramas, one sitcom and a reality show to its schedule this fall.
1 of the dramas is about a vampire who moonlights as a private eye.
Another drama stars Hugh Jackman as a man who runs a casino in Nevada. The series contains musical interludes, which could give Jackman a chance to sing and dance.
"Hugh Jackman singing and dancing??? Come on he's fucking Wolverine for Christ' sake....dont do that to the man!!!"
The new comedy is about two intellectuals who know nothing about love.
Oh yeah that is just screaming laughter isnt it? What the fuck do I care about a couple of nerds who cant score??
The reality show will give 40 kids 40 days to build a new world in a ghost town in New Mexico.
And this isnt on Nickelodeon because why??

What the hell CBS?? You cancel Jericho for this garbage?

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