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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Responsibility and Political Correctness

Growing up in the 70's my favorite cartoon was always Bugs Bunny/Road Runner. I would laugh when Coyote would blow himself up or fall off of a cliff...or when Bugs and Daffy would fight over whether it was Duck or Rabbit season and then Daffy always got his bill shot off by a shot gun! Then when the cartoons were over my friends and I would go outside and play sports or get each other with toy guns!!  You know back when parents actually taught their kids right from wrong and an occasional spanking was called for and it wasnt child abuse!
Nowadays when kids shoot up a school do the parents say that there kids did bad and accept the responsibility for what happened? NO!! They want to blame whatever is on TV and in the movies.  When I was a kid I saw Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street....did It make me want to kill people?? NO!! I am sick and tired of the blame being shifted from where it the lap of the people who are fucking up!!  If you go out and shoot is not the fault of the video game you's your fucking fault asshole!!  You picked up the pulled the damn trigger!! Its your fault!!'s your fault for using the tv as a baby sitter....when I was a kid my parents made sure I was outside exercising not vegging my life away on a couch...

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