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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dan Marino (2-7-2007)

If you are not a sports fan then skip this blog...but if you are keep reading...
Once again congrats to the Colts and Peyton Manning for winning the Super Bowl but there is one thing that has been bugging me that Id like to vent about. I would like all of the Sports Writers/Broadcasters to get off of Dan Marino's back about not winning a Super Bowl!!! They make it seem like he was the only guy on those teams. It takes a team to win football games...not just one freakin guy. There were 2 important ingredients lacking during Marino's time in Miami and that's a consistent running game and an above average defense. Hell the lack of a running game is why Marino owns all of those passing records and yeah he had a great arm and all...but if he didnt have to throw 40+ times a game he might not have set all of those records. I'm at looking at who some of his running backs were during his tenure and it reads like a who's who of no names and convicts! Tony Nathan, Troy Stradford,  Lorenzo Hampton, Sammie Smith, Mark Higgs, Terry Kirby, Bernie Parmalee, Karim Abdul Jabaar (The only 1000 yd rusher of the group), OJ McDuffie, JJ Johnson are all the big name running backs that Marino had behind him during his career. No Emmit Smiths, Walter Paytons, Terrell Davis or even Corey Dillons in the group..No RB that could carry the team if Marino had an off night. Every Super Bowl winner has had an above average running game to support it. Something which Marino never the next time the sportswriters dog Marino because he never won the big game...take a look at the people he had around him.

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