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Saturday, October 15, 2016

I Remember When

Well another year as come and gone. 2008 came and went without even saying goodbye...2008 we hardly knew ya. The older you get it seems time travels faster and faster. I have a tendency to be a little more reflective than other people. Some have said that I tend to live in the past. I remember the past so that I can learn from it and grow from it. I have decided to list a few memories...historical, pop culturish, personal observations etc.
--This year we have seen many stores close Mervyn's, KB Toys and Steve and Barrys as joined Gemco, Fedco, Zodees, Alpha Beta and Lucky as stores that we all at one time or another shopped at and now no longer exist. The more stores close the less choices we are given. Less competition means higher prices....pretty soon we will be left with 2 choices...Target or Wal Mart.
--We take cell phones for granted. There is a whole generation of people who cannot remember a time without cell phones. I can remember even before pagers..when if my mom was looking for me she would stick her head out of the window and yell my name or call several numbers to track me down. Nowaday parents include their 8 year olds on their Cell phone plans. Ive seen kids as young as 8 or 9 texting on a cell phone. Hell I can remember when if my pager went off I had to dig into my roll of quarters and find a pay phone to call the person who called me. Or paging a friend with a bogus the number to a nudie bar or the Gay/Lesbian hotline lol.
--The internet- I can remember if I had a term paper to write that I would have to goto a library and look at endless rolls of microfilm of old newspapers. Dust off encyclopedias and read outdated information. Checkout books and read page after page of information in hopes of finding some usefull information. Then gathering all my notes and typing the paper on my typewriter. I didnt have spell spell heck was my mom who would read my rough draft and then I would have to go back and correct any mistakes and rewrite the paper. There are some who are reading this blog who cannot even fathom what I have just written. Now a whole term paper can be researched and written without leaving your room or dorm.
--I can remember football in Los Angeles- Raiders, Rams, Express and Extreme are all teams that played in Los Angeles. Express and Extreme? The Express plaved in the mid 80s in the now defunct USFL and played at the Memorial Colisseum...hell a certain Steve Young even Quarterbacked that team. The Extreme? They played in the Vince McMahon owned (Yes that Vince Mcmahon) Extreme football league...the Extreme are the last team to win a championship in LA.

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