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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Random Thoughts (4-27-2006)

Celebrity Cookoff- What the fuck was this shit and where the hell did they dust Alan Thicke off from? I f I want to watch people who cant cook..cook....Id just walk over to Bakers Square
Playstation 3 comes out in November so if I usually buy you Christmas gifts....expect a card this year.
If any Playboy Playmates happen to scan my profile....for the love of God just send me one invite to the mansion!! Please...I swear Ill behave!
Hey Red States...thanks for reelecting a guy who is in the back pockets of most of the oil companies.
Anybody see the last Dateline? They caught even more idiots trying to have sex with underage minors....some of these guys even drove 2 hours and across stateline....fucking idiots!!
Pepsi or Coke? Dr Pepper anyday for me
24, Lost, Prison Break, The Office and My name is Earl---I swear TV is so much better than movies nowadays!
Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson and Scott Peterson all still get 3 square meals a day and get to watch TV. While some Vietnam Vets live on Skid Row because they cant get VA benefits without an address!!
Ok ok....I know wrestling is fake...but its entertaining nonetheless!
emo music and barking dogs sound a lot alike
George Bush really really sucks!
Like I said these are just random thoughts...but they are my thoughts nonetheless!!

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