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Saturday, October 15, 2016

What Happens in Vegas....Can Only Happen in Vegas

About 6 years ago my friends Sheila and Dave decided to get married in Las Vegas. The stayed at the Flamingo and I stayed next door at the Imperial Palace. It was them, 2 of Daves friends, his brother, his mom and Sheilas parents and her daughter Cameron. We all stayed in different places around Vegas. Well the night after they got married they had said that we are all going to party at Coyote Ugly while the older folks watched Sheila's daughter. But as the night went on...Sheila and Dave were too burnt out from the day's events and decided to stay in for the I was basically on my own.
So I put on some sharp clothes and headed down to the bar adjacent to Imperial Palace. I mosied up to the bar and ordered a beer and just started chatting with the bartender and the bar back...they were cool as hell and we just started bullshitting about all different kinds of things. Now the only other people in the club at the time were a group of 4-5 early-mid 20s females who were having a good time. All of whom were very nice looking.
After awhile two of them walk up to the bar and join in with our conversation and we all are having a good old time. Turns out that they are all from San Diego and the one who is talking to me owns a bikini store in Carlsbad...Im thinking oh wow!! The girls ask the bartender to surprise them with a the bartender gets a gleam in his eyes and mixes up some white creamy concoction...If I remember it had some Kahlua and some other the girl goes to drink it...and the taste catches her so off guard that when she spits it up...its coming out of her nose and heres this gorgeous young lady with a white creamy liquid coming from her nose and mouth...and I was laughing my ass off. After cleaning herself up she asks myself and the barback which strip clubs are the best. We both say Olympic Gardens because it has 2 floors one with male strippers and the other for female strippers. The girls look at us and say...we arent here to see men strip. I look at the barback and he looks at me and we just think..."Oh man". The girls ask the bar back what time he was getting off and the bartender looks up and says..."NOW!!"...He's off now!! The bartender reaches into his tip jar and hands money to the barback and says...take them to the Gardens and take this guy with you (Pointing at me).
So we all leave the bar...myself, the bar back and the girls all in tow. Of course they are all drunk as hell...but of course myself and my new friend are enjoying every minute of this.
We hail a mini van cab and head to Olympic Gardens. We walk in and head to a corner booth. Some of the older guys in there look at my friend and I with some "You lucky bastards eyes"...So there I am...average Ron...and some guy I never met before...surrounded by 4-5 20 something lovelies...female strippers all around...I thought I died and was in a hip hop video all of a sudden!!!
the girl who owned the bikin store ordered us drinks and looked at me and asked if I wanted a lap dance? My eyes opened wide...and said...oh hells yes. So she says...which girl do you want? of course me being the charmer...I said..umm..."you". She looks at me and comments that I'm sweet...and I giggle like a school boy....but she says no seriously...which one do you want? I point to one that looked latina. My friend waved her over and if you have never been to a strip club...strippers are drawn to large groups especially if there are pretty women in the group. So the stripper does her thing...and my friend is watching and drinking...the barback is having fun with one of the other girls we came with...and the rest are at the bar ordering drinks.
After a while we leave and hail cabs and head back to the hotel......The End??
Yeah like I would tell you the rest!!!!

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