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The Ron Says!
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Things that annoy me (10-1-2004)

---Cell phone sales people in the malls--Im so paranoid about making eye contact with these idiots ---Fat people who need those carts to get around---Maybe your fat ass could walk off that fat ---Smokers--- What makes you think I want to smell your second hand smoke? ---Jehovah Witnesses--- If I was interested....Ill come and find you. ---People who bring babies to movie theaters--- If you cant find a baby a movie! ---When parents let their little kids run wild in a store/restaraunt--- When I got out of line as a kid....I got smacked, now thats child abuse!!! ---When people call you and dont leave a message....but then keep calling and calling--- If its that important....LEAVE A MESSAGE ASSHOLE!!! ---People who talk during movies--- SHUT UP!!! ---People who no nothing about current events or history--- I bet I can find a few people who dont know who there Vice President is.....or when Pearl Harbor was

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