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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Chris Benoit (6-28-2007)

OK...most of you know I have been and probably always will be a huge pro wrestling fan. So when I learned Monday night about Chris Benoit and his family dying I was pretty hurt by it...seeing as how he was one of the all time greats in the business, but then to find out later that he was responsible for the deaths and then killed himself....that shocked the hell out of me. I imagine he and his wife had a heated arguement about something to do with the son and how she would like Benoit home more.
Benoit who has had more than a few concussions, was probably on his share of pain killers and steroids and still dealing with the death of his best friend (Eddie Guerrero) was probably not in a good frame of mind to hear "I want you to quit wrestling or to cut back". Those that follow wrestling know that Benoit was dedicated to his profession. Hearing those words probably sent Benoit into rage...not just Roid Induced rage as everybody says...but a rage related to his altered mind..(from the roids, pain medication, concussions etc.) He kills the wife and then later his son. Now probably realizing that if he is arrested he will surely be sentenced to death or spend life in prison....he decides to kill himself.
The media has tunnel visioned it's focus on steroids and Vince McMahon (CEO of WWE) has focused on Chris Benoit being a monster....and everybody says they didn't see this coming....BULLSHIT!!!
1. His best friend dies...I'm wondering if he ever talked that out with anybody? Everybody says he kept his emotions inside.
2. Concussions...It's been documented that Chris suffered a few of these in his life and a recent Sporting News article states that concussions can affect your mental abilities.
3. Pain killers- Given all of his injuries...Im sure he was on a few pain killers which can have an adverse affect.
4. Steroids- The roid rage and mood altering side effects are well documented.
Given all of this...shouldn't somebody had put those together and tried helping the guy before something bad happened? Vince McMahon couldnt give a rat's ass about his people...all he cares about is his money. So that leaves the WWE physicians...but there job is to patch these guys up as fast as they can so that they can get out there and make the company they aren't going to say anything.
The WWE needs to stop looking at their wrestlers as just pieces of meat and dollar signs and start treating them as the human beings that they are.

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