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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Drill Sergeant is Coming....Drill Sergeant is Coming!!

It was another lazy Saturday while I was still a holdover in AIT in Fort Lee,VA. All of the chores had been completed and people were just chilling. Shining boots, playing pool, watching TV, reading books...or whatever else people did to unwind. Since it was the weekend before payday a lot of us decided to stay in the barracks rather than do anything since mostly everybody was broke. I had a few extra bucks and decided I was going to the PX for some pizza. As I got downstairs I overheard the CQ on duty talking on the phone and I figured he was talking to the Head Drill Sergeant...Drill Sergeant Williams. I figured out that Williams was coming and that he was looking for "volunteers' for a work detail.  I thought to myself...I'm safe since Im on my way out anyways...should I warn the others?
My good conscince won I ran upstairs as fast as I could and went all over the place...I looked a lot like Paul Revere warning about the red coats. I opened the first day room and peaked my head in and exclaimed.."Drill Sergeant is coming and he's looking for a detail!!!". I had never seen so many people move so fast..I ran to the other day room and warned them as well. You would've thought I said we were under attack, people were moving so fast. I peaked my head into the female hallway and yelled.."Drill sergeant is coming and he''s looking for a detail"!! I saw a girl run out of the restroom in a towel and into her bay. By the time I went through the whole building it had pretty much emptied out. I peaked out the window and saw him walking into the front. I ran down the stairs and out the back door.
The only people he found were 2 poor saps who were out running. I found out later that they had to mow a large field with a mower...ha ha!!

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