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Saturday, October 15, 2016

One Counterclocker Goes Boom

Reception at AIT was not nearly as hectic as reception was in Basic Training. In AIT there are still Drill Sergeants but they aren’t as in your face as they ones in Basic..but they still retain the eagerness to embarass a Private when given an oppurtunity....and Lord did I provide them with such an oppurtunity.
Now one of the basic rules at AIT in Fort Lee, VA is that you are not allowed to listen to walkmans or any headphones while outside. This could keep you from hearing any marching platoons...when a platoon is marching you must stand at ease as they walk by....if not it is a sign of disrespect and the DS of that platoon can get in your face. I was unaware of the no walkmans outside rule..
After 8 weeks of basic and no music I was happy as hell to have my walkman back and I had bought some tapes at the PX. On this particular day I was listening to ACDC of the greatest ever baby. Just as I stepped outside I felt a tap on my shoulder...I turn around and there is a Drill Sergeant...I took off my head phones and snapped.."Yes Drill sergeant". The DS informed me of the no walkmans outside rule and proceeded to confiscate it and told me I could have it back before I went to my AIT Training Company.
2 days went by and it was our last day in reception before going to our training units. So I approached the drill sergeant and enquired about my walkman. He informed me that in order to get it back...I would have to yelll at the top of my lungs..1 Counter clocker goes boom...drop and do a push up....get back up then say 2 counter clockers go boom boom...then drop and do 2 push on and so forth. Of course the entire building was empteed out and waiting to goto their respective areas...well over 100 soldiers...males and females. Needless to say after the first counterclocker...everybody was looking at my situation and I can hear lots of laughing. After about 20 counter clockers (I have no idea what the fuck a counter clocker is) the Drill Sergeant finally gave my radio and told me I was the only one who got his radio confiscated who actually asked for it back....everybody else was too scared or nervous. So I joined my platoon..and they were all laughing their asses off. Plantamura asked what a counter clocker was...I said I had no fucking idea...and Phelps said well we all know it goes boom!!!

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