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The Ron Says!
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Shaun's Playboys

My buddy Shaun had some Playboys that he used to store in a bag in his closet. For whatever reason and I cant remember why...his Step Mom happened upon his Playboy collection and confronted Shaun with them. She asked where did you get these? Shaun thought of the first answer he could come up with..."Joe's he said"....they are Joe's Playboys...referring to my buddy Joe Ortiz. Now Joe picked this time of all times to come visit Shaun and see if he wanted to go do something. Joe nonchalantly knocks on the door and Shaun's step mom opens the door and hands the box of Playboys to Joe and says here Joe...take your damn Playboys with you!!! and then slams the door.  Joe opens the box and sure enough it is full of Playboys...not knowing what to do he heads to my house with the box...rings my doorbell and I answer the door. Joe is standing there with this box and says..."Shaun's Step Mom just gave me these Playboys!!"...I got wide eyed and said why did she do that?? beats the shit out of me says Joe!...we head up stairs and begin to the magazines when my phone's Shaun on the other line telling us he wants his magazines back...I relay the message to Joe and we laugh and tell Shaun...sorry dude your Step mom gave them to us.

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