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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Drunken Stories

I refer to the years 1993-1998 or so as my drinking years, before I go into some of my "drunk" stories that I accumulated during that time let me give you a brief backgorund on my drinking. I honestly didnt touch a drink until I turned 21.  I knew from my mom that my real dad was an alcoholic and knowing that can be hereditary...I decided to wait and when I did turn 21 I eased into it by only drinking wine coolers. Hell I didnt have a beer until I went into the Army..after that it was on!!! When I got home my friends who knew me before I enlisted couldnt believe the drunk I had become. So lets indulge in a few of my more infamous moments.
New Years Eve 1993- It was December 31st 1993 and I was going to leave for Basic Training for the Army in over a month. I still was a lightweight when it came to drinking so I didnt drink mixed drinks or beer...but I discovered a drink that tasted a lot like 7-Up or Sprite called Zima. We were at a club in Riverside called Harry C's and I just remember I was pounding these friends told me I was so fucked up that I was trying to take the tip money from a waitress as I was flirting with her. There's still a picture of me somewhere out there sitting in a recliner drunk out of my mind and soon to be sick with pneumonia because when you drink that weakens your immune system and at the time I had a cold. I looked like hell.
July 1994-- My first beer (Uh oh)
On Fort Lee we had a boxing gym that was converted into a Sports Bar/Dance Club that we would all go drinking at on Fridays and Saturdays. My buddy bought the first round and not wanting to be a spoil sport and took a swig of my first beer...MGD. Wow...this isnt half bad I thought. I was feeling pretty good but not like I would in the following weeks at Ft Lee. It got to the point where Id go up to the bar and order a pitcher of beer and the waitress would ask how many mugs I wanted...and Id say none...the pitcher is my mug damnit!! One weekend we rented a room at the Holiday Inn at Virginia Beach and I got so fucked up I was throwing up off of the balcony. I finally got some food in me and started to sober up.
Late July 1994
I had just gotten home and my friends had no idea the lush I had become. I goto my friend Jerry's house and he is having a get together. Im getting really fucken wasted when my best friend Joe shows up with is soon to be Bride who he had told about me. Joe hadnt seen me in months and here I am laid out on Jerry's front yard laughing my ass off as I look up and see Joe. Joe says this is my girl Carla I shake her hand from the lying down position as at this point I really shouldnt be standing.  So I met my one of my best friend's fiancee from the prone position....go figure.
Spring 1995
A Friday after a night of drinking I had to goto class the next day and I was not feeling to good. I get to my class at Mt SAC and Im drinking a lot of water trying to get myself where I need to be. Finally I had to goto the I walk down the hallway and enter what I thought was the men's room. I walk in and think.."Where the fuck are the urinals?". I go into the bathroom stall to pee and I look near the toilet paper roll and think..."What the fuck is that?" Just then the door opens and I hear female voices...It hits me..."IM IN THE FUCKEN WOMENS RESTROOM"!!! Oh shit....all of a sudden I was 100% again. So I open the stall and say restrooms closed...Im here to look at the plumbing!! The women walk out and I breathe a sigh of relief...I open the door to see if anybody is there and nobody is so I leave before I get into any trouble.
New Years Eve 1995
Myself and my friends Shaun and Jaime decide to spend New Years at Kelly Mccues in Chino. I got so blasted that night that my beer goggles were most definitely on. Shaun Im hoping no longer has a picture of me dancing with a rather large woman as she kisses my cheek. Im so hoping that pic no longer exists.
I really stopped drinking because of what i was becoming...I was overweight, drinking to forget about somethings that were going on from 1996-1997. Those were so really bad times. As a matter of fact Id say after I moved to Claremont...I very rarely drink anymore....but it is fun to look back and laugh at some of the things I did.

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