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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Thoughts on George W. Bush from 8/21/2004

---Iran and North Korea have WMDS for sure...why didnt we invade them? Oh and North Korea at the rate its going is headed for famine with its ruling government....Iran allowed many of the 9/11 terrorists to pass through their borders, even though a few of them were on Interpol's wanted list...Why didnt we invade Iran?--- ---Homeland Security? Everyday in L.A. and communities across the country gangs kill, intimidate, rob, rape, maim, car jack, burglarize, assault, sell drugs to name just a few things that they do....Instead of worrying about the terrorists who maybe in our country....lets worry about the terrorists that roam our streets and the under armed police forces charged with stopping them.--- ---In the jungles of Columbia they still manufacture and import cocaine into our country....isnt that an immediate threat to our country?--- ---Haliburton the largest contractor in Iraq has been over charging the Pentagon for services rendered....guess who used to run Haliburton? Dick Cheney--- ---Why are we splitting our resources between 2 countries....I think we should've concentrated on Afghanistan...finding Osama and the rest of the Taliban and helping to rebuild Afghanistan...Iraq was not as immediate a threat as Bush made it out to be--- ---Before you Clintonites keep saying yeah...yeah...yeah....if he had any kind of balls Osama wouldve been dead years ago--- Just random thoughts from my mind....feel free to respond with your opinions

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