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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Funniest Prank I Have Ever Seen

Now I have seen some good pranks on people but my friend Joe played one that to me will always be in the prank Hall of Fame.  I was living in Chino at the time on the same street as a mutual friend Luie.  I was looking out my window and noticed 2 figures behind Luie's car as it was dark I could not recognize them.  So I went outside with a bat in case they were 2 people up to no good with my friend's car. One of them looks up and says it's me I dropped the bat and walked over and saw Joe and a friend putting a license plate frame on the back of Luie's car that simply read..."Gay Pride 89..So Many Men So Little Time".  I just about busted a gut laughing my ass off...I just looked at Joe and said that's fucked up...but funny as hell dude!!! So after he finished I went back to my house and Joe and his friend left.  Now Luie had a security job and I was going to college fulltime so I hardly ever saw him.  So a few days went by and I saw Luie washing his I went to say whats up.  Im trying so hard to suppress my laughter at the plate frame which was still on the car days later.  After rinsing the car Luie gets his towels and begins to dry...he gets to the rear of the car and all I hear Luie say is..."WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT???"  I got up pretending to not know what he was talking about and walk to where he is and he is staring at the plates..."GAY PRIDE!! WHAT THE FUCK??" "NO WONDER PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HONKING AT ME AND FLIPPING ME OFF!!!".  At this point I cant hold it in and just laugh harder that Ive ever laughed before..."MAN THIS ISNT FUNNY"!! He walks in to the garage and gets a screw driver to get the frame off.  That Mr. Rinie was one of the funniest things I have ever seen my friend!! Right up there with shooting Ken in the ass with a bb gun

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