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Saturday, October 15, 2016

I Was On TV (12-24-2007)

Last night I had the oppurtunity to be on a local Los Angees sports show called The Challenge. I was one of four studio contestants in a show hosted by local sports legend Fred Roggin. I had so much fun...I was the first contestant and when he asked my questions he would ask an NBA coach and I would give him the team that coach coached....I got the first 4 but blew it when he asked about Flip Saunders...I forgot he no longer coached the T-Wolves.
But the experience was incredible...the people at NBC are really nice they were great to me and my girlfriend Rebecca who came with me for support. It was cool to shoot the shit with Fred in the make up room while we were getting our make up done for the show.
Fred and many others involved with the show said myself and the other contestants made this one of the best shows all year because we were lively and energetic. Im wondering if they will invite me back.
What's funny is the people at my work warned me no to end up like the guy who was asked "True or False you can buy Office supplies at Staples Center and the guy answered yes"....while in the lobby waiting to go in I was talking to the other contestants and I mentioned that guy...when low and behold a heavy set guy raised his hand and said...."that was me". I about busted a gut...the guy insisted I take a picture with him and evidently wasnt taking no for an answer.
All in all the experience was awesome and hope I get to do it again sometime

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