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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Megaphone

For my 17th birthday my mom takes me shopping and I tell her to take me to Radio Shack. We get to Radio Shack and I go straight for what I had been wanting for weeks...a megaphone that plays several different songs on it. College Fight songs, the charge like they play at baseball games and other old time favorites.
I get home with it and the first thing I do is go around the corner to my friend Shaun's house. I get to where his window is and I clock the trigger and say..."YOU IN THE HOUSE COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP?"...Shaun's head darts up into his bedroom window and I speak into the megaphone..."HEY LOOK WHAT I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY"!!!...Shaun just shakes his head and Im sure is thinking Oh no. So he says come on up...I go into the house and his brother Jaime is sitting in the living room calmly watching TV as I come up behind him and talk into the megaphone..."WHATS UP JAIME??"....I swear he just about pissed his pants. Shaun yells down the stairs..."Dont do that shit in the house!!!"....I click the mega phone trigger and say "OK"!!
So football season comes and I decide to bring the megaphone to football games to support the team. My mom is taking myself, Joe and Shaun to the game in our old 1971 Ford Black Duster. As we are coming up to the corner near Chino High...there is an apartment complex where a lot of Illegal aliens lived. So my stupid ass clicks the megaphone and with the volume way up...I say..."LA IMIGRA"!! "LA IMIGRACION"!!!....From out of nowhere my Mom backhands me and the megaphone falls out of my hand. She just says..."What the hell do you think are doing?"...I can hear Shaun and Joe trying so hard not to laugh. She drops us off at the game and after she leaves Shaun and Joe just about laughed there asses off laughing at me.

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