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Saturday, October 15, 2016

So I Live in the Past Part 7

New Years in Pasadena

It's New Years Eve 1992, Joe, myself, our friends Peter, Danny, Jerry, Jerry's psycho ex girlfriend Melanie, Saul and Ricky were all trying to figure out what to do on New Years Eve...we hadnt made any solid plans so we were just looking for something to do. We all showed up to Melanie's family's house in Brea or Placentia I cant remember which because Jerry had invited us...I think Jerry was bored and wanted some friends to show up so we obliged...after about 20 minutes we came to the conclusion that this party sucks we needed to make some different plans and pronto.  Peter suggests Colorado Blvd in Pasadena...he says many people go out there on New Years well all agree. Two of Melanie's friends ask to come along because they are bored as well...Jerry wants to go with us but Melanie all but forbids he is forced to stay behind. So the rest of us all jump into 3 different vehicles and hightail it out of the OC and head towards Pasadena.
Now Joe had just bought his first brand new was a white 1992 Ford Escort...he was so proud of it...always keeping it clean and as shiny as he could keep it. So here we are keeping up with one another on the freeway when Joe taps me on the shoulder and points to the eyes widen as I see the ticker pointing a shaed over 100...We just look at each other increduously...Melanie's friends are in our back seat drinking tequila and oblivious to our high speed...I just look at Joe and say warp speed Mr. Sulu.
So in less than 40 minutes we flew from Northern OC to Pasadena and as we finally make it to Colorado is packed with cruisers on the road and people camped out for the next day's Rose is one big party basically. There are our 3 vehicles crusing right along when a convoy of low riders pull alongside and start doing there thing by bouncing and showing off to everybody...Peter is in the car in front of us and I see Saul climb into the backseat and start jumping up and down in the backseat and making Peter's little Toyota Tercel bounce....hey they were getting some height on the jumps too. One of the low riders werent impressed and started talking shit to Peter...not knowing that Peter had his car and 2 other cars full of people as back up...The Impala opens up and 3 people get out...right then and there all of our cars opened up and a total of 9 people got out and we all basically asked if ther was a problem? The assholes looked around and got back in their car and we all continued about our evening.
As we are crusing along the 2 girls in our backseat are getting really buzzed and flirty and Joe and I are thinking we may get lucky tonight...."OH HELL YEAH"!! But then one of them says that she has to use the restroom...but there is so much traffic and all the side streets are we are unable to turn off for them to use the restroom....but the traffic is so much at a standstill we tell them to get out and use the gast station's restroom that was next to us. Not 2 minutes after we let them out...traffic starts to move a little more steadily. All the side streets are blocked and we are getting farther and farther from where we let the 2 drunk girls off.
About 4 blocks up the clock hit midnight Joe and I exchange New Years greetings...but we mad the girls werent in the car and Joe and I are wondering how are we going to go back and get the 2 girls when something goes flying through the window and zips past Joe and myself...I look at Joe and ask..."Was that a tortilla?".....Joe looks at me and says.."I think so"...Why would a tortilla go flying through the window I thought...without warning...Joe's car along with everyother car on the street gets lit up with super soakers, whip cream, silly string, tortillas and shaving cream. "Roll up the fucken window" Joe blurts out.....Joe is pissed....his brand new car got fucked up by all the shit that was being tossed and shot. All he can do is turn on his wipers and so we can see.
A few more blocks up Joe is finally able to turn into a neighborhood and pullover so we can survey the damage on his car and go back and get the girls who had to have been at least 8 blocks away. Joe gets a rag out and wipes in vain what he can off of his car...he had this look on his face like what the fuck just happened?
We decide to split up on either side of the street and go find the 2 girls we left behind. Now mind you this is before cell we had no way of calling them. We walk for sometime before I get to the corner before the gas station and spot the 2 lovely ladies..I cross and tap them on the shoulder...they both had tears in their eyes and actually thought we left them...they both gave me a big hug and a kiss...we got Joe and walked back to the car. One of the girls asks...what happened to the car? Joe just shakes his head and says...dont ask. We all get in the car and head to the freeway and head for home to end the night.
The next day Joe calls and tells me it took him 4 hours to wash all that shit off of his car.

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