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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bush and Hurricane Katrina from 9-15-2005

Well the idiot finally came out and admitted the Government screwed up huh...and there are still Bush supporters out there saying it's not his fault....well let's come up with a list of why Bush is an idiot...

1.  24 Hours after Katrina hit Bush was still on vacation in Texas and his staff was wondering how to tell the president that he should go back to Washington.
2. Bush was not watching any information regarding Katrina, as a matter of fact one of his aides compiled a DVD for him to watch on Air Force One that detailed the destruction.
3. The State and Local Governments were overwhelmed, FEMA was not up to the task and the military could not act without the president's consent and Rumsfeld opposed sending in active duty troops as cops.
4. Cheney kept his ass in Wyoming and kept in contact by videoconference.
5. When Bush was told that the levee had broke he continued about his day and accepted a gift guitar at an appearance he made in the day. Souns like when he was reading a book to kids during 9/11 huh?
6. In 1965 the day after a Hurricane hit New Orleans LBJ was in the city visiting a shelter. WIth no electricity he holds a light to his face and said Im the President of the United States Im here to help you". 40 years later rather than hurry to New Orleans, Bush flies to DC first.
Thank you Red States for voting for this man....oh and democrats....Kerry and Gore?? Im so hoping you come up with somebody better in 2008.

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