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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ron and Tim vs The McGwire Brothers

Ron and Tim versus The McGwire Brothers
It's the summer of 1989...I just graduated..I have my first job...all is well for me. Now there were a group of us who took a class called Group Dynamics together. It's a class where you really get to know other people and we became a very tight knit group of friends. Tim, Kim, Charlene, John, Kristy, Peter, Jeff, Tina and some others we became really good friends...always there for each other.
Well Kim's family was throwing a birthday party for Kim and they invited all of us. So being the good friends we are...we all showed up and were having a good time. Dancing, drinking sodas....the normal things you do at a birthday party. Off to the side there was another group of people that Kim didnt really know too well...they were friends of Kim's parents and they had some people with them as well...but they were drinking some beer and getting kind of buzzed.
After a while they saw us having a good time and decided to come to where we were...and without warning grabbed Kim and threw her in the pool..she was surprised but took it well. Now myself and the others we werent really dressed to go swimming...I had on a nice new shirt I bought from I had no intentions of getting wet. Now these idiots threw another friend in...and Im thinking what the hell?? All of a sudden somebody grabbed me from behind...and let me tell you...I do not like being touched or grabbed by a guy instinctively I went into fight mode and elbowed this guy in the stomach. He doubled oveand I picked up a beach chair and hit with it...and then his two friends started approaching me...they were kind of big mind least 6 feet each. I looked behind me and grabbed a baseball bat and dared for them to get buddy Tim pushed the other guy away who had gotten back up and was coming after me again...I look up and our other friend Peter comes outside with another bat..and all of a sudden we have an old fashioned stand off...the 3 of us and these 3 drunk dumb asses. Finally Kim's parents and these guys parents come over...and we were the ones asked to we left, but all of our friends came with us and we went down the street to Charlene's house and were hanging out in Tim's truck...
Kim comes down a little later and informs us on who the guys were....Mark McGwire's (The retired baseball player) 2 younger brothers and a friend of theirs. Ha ha...some family!!
Kim was embarassed that her parents kicked us out and not she left her own party.
For years after that we would always see Mark McGwire on TV and just think what dumb asses he has for brothers.

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